2nd grade twins published in national magazine


REDDING, Calif - Two second grade twins at Redding School of the Arts have won a drawing contest that lead to having their cartoon published in an issue of Highlights magazine issue.

Out of 35,000 submissions, 8-year-old Mia and Margret Rasheed were selected as the winners of a drawing contest.

The girls said they enjoy reading, writing and drawing. And when they saw that their favorite magazine, Highlights was having a create "Your Own Superheroes" drawing contest they knew they had to enter.

Mia and Margret said they started putting many ideas together. "I was just starring at mom cook and then she's like, OK and that's how we got the idea of supermom," Mia said.

But creating super mom took some work. "We started drawing the sketch but then spaghetti got all over it," Mia said.

"We used a lot of different papers because first we sketched it down and then once I did the sketches for the one that went to the magazine Mia said 'I like that one,'" explained Margret.

"I was really surprised cause I actually never saw the cartoon," said Stephanie Rasheed, mother of the girls. "They brought me the envelope and said mom we want to mail this in and I said 'OK' so we just put a stamp on it."

Out of the many submissions, the twins were named the winners. And Supermom was published in the May issue of Highlights.

"I thought the chances were small because so many kids that entered were older than us," Margret said.

Margret and Mia said it was nice to have their issue published in the magazine, but they hope that the readers are able to see the message in it.

"We're trying to tell kids that everywhere your mom goes even if they're over-protective or you get embarrassed they're still there for you," Mia said.

"Your mom's might seem overprotective and kinda funny but they're really more special than that," agreed Margret.