911 calls released during Oroville murder trial


OROVILLE, Calif. - Opening statements were delivered Thursday in the trial of an Oroville man charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend.

Olabaku Jones is charged with fatally beating Abby Tucker on June 24, 2013. Jones claims Tucker had a seizure in the shower and fell.

The prosecution started with compelling testimony. Two firefighters and the 911 dispatcher took the stand for the prosecution telling the jury Jones' behavior wasn't normal that night.

Two 911 calls made by Jones were presented to the jury.

In a June 22 call, Jones asked Oroville police if they could remove Tucker from the home two days before she was found unconscious in her bed with gashes on her head and neck.

"How do I go about making sure she doesn't bother me anymore," said Jones on the recording.

The dispatcher, Jones was talking to was Genia Marr. She testified Jones was told Tucker couldn't be removed from the home. Then on June 24, a second urgent call was made around 1:30 a.m.

Jones: She fell in the shower.

Dispatcher: She fell in the shower?

Jones: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Is she injured?

Jones hangs up the phone. Marr calls back to get more information. Jones answers out of breath and not communicating.

Dispatcher: Go ahead sir. Hello?

Jones then hangs up the phone again. Marr sends first responders to their home on Spencer Avenue. The first ones to arrive were Captain John Webber and Tyler Woodard from Oroville Fire.

They found Tucker naked, a wet towel behind her head -- and the bedding bunched up below her back. it was something they said they hadn't seen before. The firefighters said they found lacerations on Tucker's head. They said Jones told him, "I didn't beat her up" without them asking.

The Department of Justice is slated to testify Friday and the prosecution said Jones' son will also testify. He told investigators he saw his father the night before and is expected to testify against his father on Monday.