Republican candidate for Governor visits Chico


CHICO, Calif. - One of the Republicans running for Governor of California in 2018 was in Chico Thursday.

Cox is a San Diego businessman calling for a change in what he calls corruption in Sacramento.

He said the politicians in the state capitol are making this state virtually unaffordable and closed to business. He's running to change the business climate altogether and said he wants to give rural areas like the Northstate more representation.

Cox is also a part of a ballot initiative to convert the Assembly and Senate to neighborhood districts in an effort to force politicians to get elected by going door to door.

Some of his priorities as governor will include water, infrastructure, and affordable housing.

"Clearly water is a major priority, especially in the central valley. I mean I know that the Oroville Dam, which I passed on the way up here, is in serious jeopardy and it's been neglected," Cox explained. "The infrastructure of the state has been seriously neglected for many many, years and of course, part of that is because of the representation!"

Cox said he will build more reservoirs, address homeless issues and correct the inefficiencies in the state budget to allow for more money in areas like mental health. He's also working to repeal the gas tax and make sure voters will be the ones who are responsible for its reimposition.

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