Accused killer pleads guilty to drug charges


RED BLUFF, Calif. - Quentin Bealer, the man accused of killing 14-year-old Maryssa Nichols in Red Bluff was in court Monday morning. It's been a long process leading up to Quentin Bealer's murder trial.

Monday evening Bealer pleaded guilty to two unrelated drug charges. One charge was possession of a smoking device and the other being under the influence of a controlled substance, both misdemeanors.

Bealer's attorney, Shon Northam, said he will be filing a change of venue motion for the murder trail.

"There's some people who believe he's absolutely innocent and think he can't get a fair trial here or there's jurors who think why even bother with jury trial let's just disregard the constitution and go out and hang him," said Northam. "It cuts both ways, both for the people and defense, both sides want a fair impartial jury. We want jurors to hear the evidence in case and then make their decision without any biases or preconceived notions about the evidence."

"There's some people who believe he's absolutely innocent." - Bealer's attorney

The judge set an April 4, deadline for filing the change of venue request. Arguments related to that request will be on April 22.

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