ACID canal still leaking, but improving


ANDERSON, Calif. - The Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District canal in Anderson is still leaking, but most of the worst leaks have been at least quelled.

The ACID has dug four holes and installed water pumps in those holes along with filtering material to pump the majority of the water back into the canal.

In addition workers have cleared out a drainage ditch to help evacuate any extra water that's made it past the pumps into the neighborhood.

Officials do recognize that these measures are only temporary and have plans to more permanently fix the canal.

"This is a short term solution to try to get the water off of neighboring landowners and reduce the effects and impacts to them," says ACID general manager, Stan Wangberg. And even though it's not completely fixed he said "compared to last week it looks a lot better."

The more permanent fix is a planned liner which will help to more effectively water proof the canal and hopefully eliminate all future leaks.

The original plans of driving steel plates to the bedrock were abandoned because of a gravel/sand substrata which makes it impossible for the plates to be cost effectively installed.

Officials say they hope to get the liner in place by the end of the year but have to wait until fall when the canal is shut off and completely dried out.

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