ACID canal wets more homes


COTTONWOOD, Calif. - The ACID canal is leaking once again, but this time people in Cottonwood are getting wet.

The leak was reported early Monday morning when so much water was flowing down the road that water covered most of Trefoil Lane. In some places it was so deep water flooded sidewalks and portions of front yards.

Residents in the area didn't report any damage, but were surprised at the amount of water in their street.

"[There was] quite a bit of water," says Kim Henderson in front of her house. "It came up onto the side of the street and into our rocks."

Their rocks are about six to seven inches above the street level, so it was a decent amount of water in the road.

Henderson did her part to help clear out a storm drain to allow the water to drain off the road quicker.

"I had on my wading boots and just kind of kicked away some dirt and stuff," says Henderson. "It wasn't too bad, there was just a lot of leaves and grass and stuff [blocking the drain]."

ACID officials said that a lateral head-gate, or a gate controlling flow to an ancillary canal, was closed without notice. And that closure allowed the water in the canal to rise above its normal level.

Officials said that the water was seeping through the canal walls but the water never over topped the canal walls.

They say there was no damage done to the canal itself and that this is simply an operations error not a breach or damage to the canal walls.

ACID officials also say this isn't the same as the situation in Anderson and do not expect this to be a long term issue.