Amputee baseball player receives national honor


CHICO, Calif. - A young Chico baseball player has been given the honor of attending a national elite softball camp for children with prosthetic limbs.

10-year-old Jordan Halterbeck is one of 20 ballplayers from around the country chosen to go to the Wounded Warriors Softball Team Camp in Louisville, Kentucky.

Halterbeck has been without a leg for most of his life, but that has not stopped him from competing in a sport he's very passionate about.

"I wasn't sure how much he was able to do and he certainly surprised me," said Halterbeck's head coach, Ben Ford. Halterbeck can do anything a great ball player is supposed to do. He has a strong batting average, he runs quickly, and he can also play the field. "I just try to do my best and have fun. I just practiced as best as I can," Halterbeck said. Due to a birth defect Halterbeck had his leg amputated when he was 10-months-old. "We don't know what caused it prior to his birth," said Helterbeck's mother, Heather Warner. "He just came out handsome and healthy and had a unique little foot." Halterbeck had a prosthetic leg installed, and at the age of four he was inspired to play baseball. Halterbeck's doctor submitted him to be part of the Wounded Warriors Softball Team Kid's Camp where he would travel to Louisville and be coached by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who lost their limbs on the battlefield. 20 kids are selected from across the country and Halterbeck is one of them.

"He wants to do everything anybody wants to do," said Warner. "He may have to find a different way to learn how to do it, but not to be slowed down."

Halterbeck will spend a week in Louisville and will have the chance to play at a 13,000 seat stadium against other kids. It's the same stadium where the Cincinnati Reds Triple A team plays their games.