Anderson Community Garden pumping out produce


ANDERSON, Calif. - The Anderson Community Garden is overflowing with produce being delivered to homeless shelters and senior complexes across Shasta County.

The garden is located at the Anderson Community Church.

It's overflowing with fresh produce including: beans, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, okra, melons and onions.

Volunteers come out picking the fruit and vegetables early in the morning three days a week. The produce is distributed to Anderson Community Christian Assistance, the Good News Rescue Mission, various senior complexes and to people who just show up.

Shasta County Board of Supervisor's Member Les Baugh attends Anderson Community Church. He said their bounty has been plentiful.

"We've asked the Lord for 15,000 pounds this year," Baugh said. "I think we're going to exceed that. This garden, if you look behind me, it's an abundant garden. Last Friday's harvest set an all-time record for a single day, nearly 900 pounds. That's about a week's harvest in a single day, and that's one of three harvests for the week.

Kevin Hallett, who works in the garden, said that it's not really work when you're helping people who are so desperate.

"People are needing so much nowadays," Hallett said. "They're so needy, they just don't have food. And we'll see them at ACCA, and they'll come in and they've never seen so much. Produce is expensive, especially this year. No water or anything, but they're so happy and thankful to see that come in and get it. Most people just can't buy it, just too much money."

The food is fresh and free.

The operation is completely run by volunteers.

"They come in, they show up, they help," Baugh said. "If we can help them, we send a little bit. Some folks showed up from a trailer park last week, and they took some with them. That's how it works; we want to give it away to people who need food."

The produce will be available until October 4, where it will be donated for a fundraiser that's expected to bring in enough money to fully fund next year's community garden.

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