Arcata portion of the new Humboldt Bay trail nearly complete


ARCATA, Calif. - The Arcata portion of the Humboldt Bay Trail is nearly complete, according to the city's assistant engineer, who said it is just a matter of finalizing details now.

Netra Khatri is leading the project for the city. He said bridges are not open yet because some of them don't yet have hand rails.

"I was told hand rails are here in Arcata, we're just waiting for some parts," Khatri said.

He said the rails will go up early next week.

It was a sunny day and construction was just getting started when North Coast News met with Khatri back in July.

Where dirt once sat during the summer, there is now a fresh path made of asphalt. There are also bridges crossing over the wetlands, and wooden board walks accompanied with by a bench.

Khatri said the $4.8 million project is right on schedule. Their goal was to beat the rain.

"Any construction, especially at this scale you want to start early in the summer when there's no rain and you want to finish before rain," Khatri said. "Because once the rain starts it's difficult to do any construction work, especially if the permit doesn't allow you, you cannot dig or do major excavation."

Khatri said the trail and bridges are also designed to withstand heavy rain.

"Three to four years ago, even before we started the design of the project to making sure that any of the existing culverts are adequate and they will not flood the trail or any of the structures," Khatri said.

He said people should avoid using the trail until the official ribbon-cutting opening. Until then, there is a portion of the path that is complete and open.

"This goes all the way to Arcata on Sunset Ave.," Khatri said.

That was phase one of the city's trail project. It was finished last year. The path goes through Arcata onto L Street, "and hits on Samoa and then we connect through the marsh, through the bay and then along the 101," Khatri said.

He said the ribbon-cutting for the Humboldt Bay Trail will be on Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. Khatri said rain or shine, the views will not disappoint.