Authorites Investigating Two Poisoned Dogs; Belonged to Corrections Officer


WILLOWS, Calif. - Two dogs belonging to a correctional officer have been poisoned in Glenn County.

"That is a sad situation," said Denny Bungarz a neighbor of the officer.

The Glenn County Sheriff's Office said it happened sometime during the overnight hours on Saturday. The officer came home Sunday morning to a horrible scene. "One was found dead, and was found very ill. The dogs were family pets to one of our correctional officers," said Glenn County Undersheriff Rich Warren. Deputies say one dog, a husky wolf mix, was the one found dead. A yellow lab was taken to the veterinarian, but later had to be euthanized. The dogs were kept inside of a kennel outside of the home. Deputies don't know if the dogs were targeted because of their owners line of work. "Our line of work we always have people that potentially could have reasons to be upset with us but at this point we don't any info to go on," said Warren. Bungarz says as terrible as it is, he hopes it's a random act of violence. "I would hope it doesn't have any connection to their work. There are good public servants and people. It's a very sad situation," said Bungarz. If you know anything about it, contact the Glenn County Sheriff's Office.