Berkeley firefighters record devastation of Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa

Source: M2 TheS YouTube.

SANTA ROSA, Calif. - Dramatic video has been released by firefighters with the Berkeley Fire Department. It shows the devastation as they arrived on scene to assist battling a massive fire burning in Santa Rosa on Oct. 9.

In the video, the firefighters said they got a mutual aid call to help fight what they believed was going to be a large grass fire burning about an hour from the city of Berkeley.

Firefighters from Berkeley Engine 6 said they were dispatched at 5 a.m. on Monday to drive north to Sonoma County and assist with an incident called the 'Tubbs Fire.' Upon arrival, they could see the massive flames from afar, and they reported being shocked because they saw multiple structures on fire.

The crew said they were first told to meet at K-Mart in Santa Rosa, but when they got there, they found the 100,000 square foot property also engulfed in flames. As they continued driving through looking for what they could save, the crew said they quickly realized that hundreds of homes were on fire. In the video, you also see their engine drive by a gas station that was up in flames. At that point, they reported realizing the gravity of the situation.

"Oh no. These poor people," a firefighter said as they drove through a neighborhood that was entirely burned to the ground.

They finally found an area that they tried to salvage. Their fire engine became the main pumping station with five hose lines running from it. They reporting using the fire hydrant at full capacity.

The crews believe their firefighting efforts helped save dozens of homes. However, they later discovered that one of their own firefighters also lost his home in the fire.

The firefighters said they were glad to have made a difference but wished they could have done more.

To make a donation to the firefighter who lost his home, click here.

To make a donation to the Napa and Sonoma County Fire Relief Fund, click here.

Source: M2 TheS YouTube.

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