Bidwell Mansion Signs a New Five-Year Contract with California State Parks


CHICO, Calif. - The Bidwell Mansion Association announced the signing of a new five-year contract with California State Parks, signifying an end to the confusion over tax and non-profit issues that jeopardized the $140 thousand that the group had raised for the Bidwell Mansion.

For over year now, the Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park has been on a list of state parks slated for closurebecause of a shortfall in the California State budget.

Since then, members of the Bidwell Mansion Association have been working to raise money to keep the park open.

In July, California State Parks faced controversy when they were found to have $54 million in surplus sitting in different accounts.

The Bidwell Mansion Association's board of advisors met on Tuesday morning for a press conference. Denise Rist, the Valley Sector Superintendent for the California State Parks was there along with Assemblyman Dan Logue.

"It's great to see the State and the Bidwell Mansion are working together." says Logue. "It's good for the community and the number one goal of course, with the budget cuts in Sacramento, [is to stay open.] We need them now and more than ever."

The Bidwell Mansion Association said that they are confident with their new contract even after the prior confusion.

This contract means Bidwell Mansion will get funding from the state, putting an end to their financial problems.

"We are hoping the money they found will go back into the state park system and benefit all the state parks," says Bidwell Mansion Association president, Kay Brandt.

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