Bomb scare shuts down central Red Bluff

A robot is used to investigate an object resembling a pipe bomb outside the Tehama County Courthouse.

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Much of downtown Red Bluff was locked down Monday morning after the discovery of two suspicious devices resembling pipe bombs. According to police, they were both initially in front of the courthouse, but it appeared someone picked up one of the objects and brought it to the police station. Several streets were closed in the area, including Oak Street and Pine Street. The Shasta County Bomb Squad responded.

Officials detonated both objects using a robot, eventually determining they were not dangerous, although they were intentionally made to look that way. The object outside the Red Bluff Police Department was detonated around 10 a.m.. The object outside the Tehama County Courthouse was detonated around 11 a.m.

All court proceedings were cancelled before noon. Officials were determining how they would go about rescheduling court appearances.

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