Bus driver drives through flooded street


FERNDALE, Calif. - Correction: We originally stated in this article that the bus was from the Fortuna Unified School District. That information was incorrect. The bus is from the Ferndale Unified School District.

On January 9, a photo surfaced on social media of a Ferndale Unified School District bus driving through high flood water on Dillon Road while children were still riding in the bus.

Many people were concerned and outraged that the bus driver drove through the obviously flooded road with children were on board. The bus did make it through the flooded road and the children were okay.

In response, Ferndale Unified School District Superintendent Jack Lakin apologized, calling the incident an unfortunate decision.

Lakin said the bus driver was very remorseful and that he executed bad judgment.

Lakin told North Coast News the bus driver believed he could make it through the water, because a previous bus driver had done it and was okay.

Lakin said the bus driver was forced to drive through the deep water because it would be too risky to turn around at the point he realized the water was too high. Lakin added the bus was able to be navigated through the water without getting stuck.

According to Lakin, there were two or three children on the bus at the time.

Lakin added the bus driver has been working there for three years. He would not comment on whether or not disciplinary action would be taken.