Butte County atheist group says highway sign vandalized


OROVILLE, Calif. - The Atheists of Butte County are upset after they say the Adopt-a-Highway sign bearing their name has been vandalized.

Group president George Gold said someone put stickers on the sign which read "God Loves" before their name, effectively changing it to "God Loves Atheists of Butte County."

"The issue is that that's a California highway sign, they're defacing public property. We're trying to do something for the community and keep the highway clean," Gold said.

Gold believes whoever is allegedly responsible vandalized the sign to negate his groups viewpoint.

"They're trying to deface it and they're trying to impose their world view on other people."

Gold also said the group's sign was previously tinkered with when someone attached a small sign which reads "PRAY" to the signpost, calling the perpetrators "morally corrupt."

The stickers have been removed and Gold said they've contacted Caltrans about the incident.

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