Camp teaches robotics, drone building


REDDING, Calif. - A summer camp in Redding offers kids a chance to learn how to build robots and drones using Legos.

The opportunity is offered by Build It, a Redding start-up that exposes 6 to 16-year-old students to advanced technology.

There students learn to create and program flying robots and small flying drones.

"Watching them through the week and seeing them progress has been really cool, because they catch on fast," said Program Director Alec Figueroa. "Kids are smart."

One student in the class, Jackson Jones, said it's not always easy.

"Sometimes it's kind of frustrating, because on the robot I'm building now I had the cords mixed up," Jones said. "So when I had it go left it went right, and when I had it go right it went left."

The hands-on experience boasts a lot of learning and a lot of fun.

"Yesterday we made these sumo bots," explained Lego camper Conner Arel. "We made them so they would stay inside a blue circle, because they had a light sensor on them so they could sense the masking tape. And we made it so they would ram into each other and try and push them out of the ring. It was really cool."

Next week there is a girls' Maker Camp and other camps will be offered throughout the summer at $300 for a week-long session.

Classes will also be offered in the fall. Those will include computer programming, animation and filmmaking and 3-D printing.

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