Candidate accused of lying about education speaks out


RED BLUFF, Calif. - Deputy Superintendent, Charles Allen, said when he was hired in 2009 by the Tehama County Department of Education he told the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources he had the equivalent to a master's degree.

However, H.R. said it wasn't true and Allen is wondering why. In the five years he has worked at the Department of Education, Allen said there was never an issue.

"They're responsible for making sure I have all the right credentials and paperwork," said Allen.

H.R. claims they believed Allen had a master's degree and even requested a copy, which they never received. But Allen contests this is untrue.

"I don't have a copy of the degree and I never said I had so I'm not sure where that's coming from either. Again if they don't have a copy of the degree then I would think they would get it, either talk to me personally or talk to the superintendent," said Allen.

On Allen's resume he states he has a master's degree from Chico State University, which he now admits is not accurate, and is something he would've changed.

"Absolutely you look in retrospect I would have," said Allen.

Allen's current position at the Tehama County Department of Education states it does accept the equivalent of a master's degree, which Allen said he has with his coursework from Chico State University.

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