Caught on Camera: Woman surprised by new scooter after water main break claims old one


REDDING, Calif. - The Marriot-Towne Suites is the temporary new home for 11 evacuees that were displaced by a water main break. The break happened just before 6:00 a.m. Friday on Magnolia Avenue at Shasta Street, sending about a million and half gallons into the street. One of the evacuees who lost everything he owns is Chris Hammond. Hammond told KRCR News Channel 7, "It's just miscellaneous stuff. I can replace it. No biggie. Can't replace life, but you can replace stuff." David Barnett was another evacuee who lost everything, but his only focus was making sure the woman he cares for, who lives across Magnolia street, was safe. We also met Karen Grace, who received a big surprise Friday night. Grace has a wound on her leg and is awaiting back and hip surgery. The condition forces her to use a scooter which was destroyed by the flood. Awaiting Karen outside the hotel was a brand new scooter, purchased by the city of Redding. Grace was emotional when she said, "I really didn't think anyone cared enough to do something for me." The city of Redding is picking up the hotel tab for the 11 evacuees. Officials said they could be without a home for up to 2 months.