Chevron funds new robotics kits for elementary students


MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. - North Coast schools are benefiting from the community buying gas at their local Chevron station. Chevron, in collaboration with the organization Donors Choose, is beginning their annual Fuel Your School program.

At Morris Elementary School in McKinleyville, Amber Coley's fifth-grade class received a surprise from this program.

"We received an email from Chevron about two weeks ago saying they wanted to do a delivery event in my class," Coley said. "And I was really excited because this was my first donors choose project."

Coley kept the delivery a secret from her students. They said they were surprised when she revealed that the class had received multiple lego robotics kits. Students will be able to build and program these robots.

"We've learned about coding and now we get to actually do it," Coley said.

Teachers can go to Donors Choose's website and post a project for their class. Then people can search for projects and choose which ones to fund. Chevron representative, Marian Catedral- King said that for the month of October, every time eight gallons of gas is bought from a Chevron, $1 goes towards funding a project in that area.

"Teachers spend $400 to $700 a year from their own pockets, just to come up with projects like this for their students," Catedral- King said.

She said that between 2013 -2016 the Fuel Your School program raised $400,000 for Mendocino, Humboldt, Lake and Del Norte Counties. For her, the best part is the students' reactions when their class gets new supplies. "You see the students like gasp 'oh my God'," Catedral-King said. "When we opened the box, you could see the joy in the eyes of the students."

Mrs. Coley said she was extremely appreciative of the program.

"I would not be able to purchase these products for my class," Coley said. "And it's an opportunity for them to be on the forefront of education and maybe learn something that takes them into their future,'

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