Chico Mayor pleads guilty to 102 mph speeding ticket


CHICO, Calif. - Chico Mayor Scott Gruendl appeared in Butte County Superior Court in Chico Thursday morning. It was a mandatory court appearance because he was caught driving in excess of 100 miles per hour on Highway 99 last month.

In the courtroom, Judge Leonard Goldkind asked the mayor how was going to plead. Gruendl replied "guilty" and the hearing was over.

Gruendl was fined $859. He could have had his license suspended, but Gruendl said his previous driving record may have helped avoid that.

"It's a first offense," said Gruendl. "It's been a significant time since I've had a traffic violation. Anything I have to say about what happened that evening is irrelevant to the fact that I was speeding."

Gruendl has 90 days to pay the $859 fine. In an earlier interview, Gruendl explained to KRCR News Channel 7 that on February 8 when he was pulled over, he had been returning from Central California where he had tended to the death of his sister. He began following a fast-moving car and was pulled over by the CHP as he entered Chico on Highway 99 between Southgate Avenue and Estates Drive.

Gruendl stated previously that he takes full responsibility for driving too fast and admitted "there's absolutely no excuse for why I was driving so fast."

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