Citizens gather to protest police brutality


REDDING,Calif. - Family members and friends of 33-year-old Steven Motley gathered in front of the Shasta County Court house to protest against police brutality Tuesday afternoon.

Steven Motley was the man who died after being subdued by Redding police at the end of a high-speed chase. Ever since his death, Motley's mother, Carol Adams has been advocating to bring justice for her son's death.

"Nobody has the right to put hands on anybody like this even after they've been detained," said Adams, as she held a picture of her son.

Motley died days after being subdued by Redding police at the end of a chase that involved a stolen truck and a stolen patrol car.

Today, his loved ones held the protest as a part of a series of demonstrations held across the country to bring attention to what protesters call police brutality.

Robert Peterson, one of Motley's friends said not all law enforcement is bad but said he can't believe Motley's case was justified.

"We need law enforcement that's a fact but we need justice too, Steven didn't get justice as far as I'm concerned, "said Peterson.

On the other side of the street, stood two men in support of law enforcement.

"If you follow the laws and you do what they tell you when you're stopped I don't think you'd have a problem," said Dennis Edwards. "I know in Shasta county they go out of their way to try to help and be nice to people."

Autopsy results in the case are still pending.

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