Conservative Redding City Council member rejects recent poll showing GOP& Tea Party Decline


REDDING, Calif. - Republicans that forced the partial government shutdown are apparently paying for it with voters.

A new CNN/ORC poll released this week showed 64% had an unfavorable view of the GOP, which is an all time high. 56% had an unfavorable view of the Tea Party movement.

Redding City Council member, and self admitted conservative and tea partier, Gary Cadd said he's not buying this latest poll.

"Sometimes polls count, sometimes they don't. What really counts is elections," said Cadd.

The freshman council member said the upcoming midterm elections in 2014 will favor republicans with the GOP keeping control of the House of Representatives, and Cadd also said republicans have a chance to take back control of the Senate. Cadd said voters are fed up with the nation's debt as well as the growing problems with the federal website for the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.

The CNN/ORC poll was conducted Friday through Sunday, just after the 16-day partial government shutdown ended. 841 adults were questioned nationwide by telephone.

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