Contractor and salesman sought for felony theft

Joshua Ross Kanan and Dror Gal

REDDING, Calif. - A consumer alert has been issued for a licensed contractor and salesman who are believed to be working under the name of a legitimate Northstate company.

Joshua Ross Kanan and Dror Gal had been operating under the company name of Advanced Green Builders, Inc. in the Reno, Nevada area.

Kanan and Gal were placed on the Nevada State Contractors Board's most wanted list after warrants were issued for both individuals, each containing six felony charges.

Alleged violations include felony theft and felony diversion of construction funds.

According to the Nevada State Contractors Board, all licenses issued under Advanced Green Builders, Inc. have been suspended since October 2013.

An NSCB press release alleges that Kanan and Gal could be using the company name Solar Universe in the Redding area.

Solar Universe Redding and Chico owner Patric Lassiter contacted KRCR News Channel 7 Tuesday night, wanting to clarify that his business legitimately operates in the area. But Lassiter said Kanan has zero affiliation with Solar Universe, a franchise Lassiter purchased in July of 2013.

"Solar Universe is a network of 40-plus independently owned and operated businesses around the world. Our local business is in no way affiliated with Advanced Green Builders, Inc. in Reno or Josh Kanan," explained Lassiter.

The NSCB sates Kanan and Gal wrote three contracts in Nevada for solar-related projects, collected nearly $9,500 but never completed any of those projects.

Kanan and Gal are also being charged for allegedly using a fictitious address on two contracts, using another contractor's company name without their permission and fleeing the state when confronted of fraudulent actions.

The NSCB requested enhanced charges for crimes committed against a person 60 years or older, after learning five of the alleged victims met the state's criteria.

Information on Kanan or Gal should be reported to the NSCB or local law enforcement.

Henderson Office phone number (702) 486-1160 Reno Office phone number (775) 850-7838

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