Cottonwood Fire Department seeking funds for memorial


COTTONWOOD, Calif. - The Cottonwood Fire Department is asking for the public's help to fund a memorial for a fallen fire Captain Mark Ratledge.

Ratledge was killed after he was hit by a truck on Interstate Five back in February 2012.

The plan is to have a sign put up to commemorate him along the interstate.

Cottonwood Fire Chief Eugene Zahara said the department has been working with Caltrans on the project for the last two years.

No public funds can be used so all the money has to be donated.

Ratledge was helping motorists on the side of Interstate 5 in the Cottonwood area when he was hit by a truck.

Since his death a three-mile stretch of the highway has been named after him.

Now Zahara said it's important to get a sign up to remember a man who helped and taught others.

"That was his interest was just teaching and making sure people coming into the fire service had the right knowledge when they came in. It wasn't only in his professional life that he was a giving person, in his personal life. I mean he would drop what he was doing at a moment's notice at his house or whatever project he was working on to come help one of us if we needed help at our own house. He was just a giving person all the way around and the department would like to give back to him and just memorialize him," Zahara explained.

The department is looking to raise $10,000.

They have created a Go Fund Me account.