Covered California: You must sign up by March 31st


REDDING, Calif. - The clock is ticking on people who have not yet found health insurance.

Covered California spokesperson, Lizelda Lopez said after March 31st people will not be allowed to sign up. She warns anyone who could qualify to get financial help from the government would end up getting none if they wait too long. They also will have to pay the following tax penalties: $95 per adult, $40 per child or 1% of you income -whichever is greater.

Lopez says there are people ready and waiting to help you sign up.

"The less you make the more the government helps you pay for that coverage," said Lopez. "It's good quality coverage through the larger insurance companies in the state , so Kaiser, Blue Shield , Blue Cross ,etc. We know there are good options for people to explore. We encourage them to do that right away."

If you don't sign up, the next open enrollment period is November for coverage that starts in January of 2015.

For more information you can go to or call (530) 241-5816.