DA: Texting caused crash that killed 5-year-old boy


Tyler Burrone of Chico was arrested on manslaughter charges Thursday in the 2013 death of 5-year-old Gunner Lagenderfer.

Burrone was arrested by agents of the Tehama County Bureau of Investigations around 2 p.m. and is currently in the Tehama County jail. Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen said the collision was caused by texting and driving.

Burrone will be charged with manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter stemming from the crash on Highway 99 in Los Molinos near Sherman Street that took place July 24, 2013.

Cohen said Burrone had been texting, taking his attention away from the road, which makes the accident his fault.

According to the CHP, Katie Ramsey, 31, of Gerber was driving a Nissan Maxima southbound on Highway 99 when she stopped to make a left turn. Her five-year-old son Gunner Langenderfer was in the back seat.

Officers said Burrone was driving a truck towing a horse trailer when he approached Ramsey's car from behind. Burrone could not slow down in time, rear-ended the Nissan and pushed Ramsey's car into the northbound lane. It was hit by an oncoming big rig driven by Roderick Abbott, 56, of Medford, Oregon.

The Nissan burst into flames.

Ramsey suffered major injuries in the crash and was airlifted to Enloe Medical Center. Her son in the back seat was killed.

Neither Burrone nor Abbott were seriously hurt.

KRCR News Chanel 7 interviewed Burrone at the scene. He said "I had my distance but it still wasn't enough, so I braked and knew I couldn't stop, went over and I clipped and I felt--you know you can feel it. And then from there I passed her, barely touched the semi but it sucked her under the semi. (It's) Unexplainable, I'm just nervous, scared, sad. It makes you still feel bad even though it wasn't your fault.

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