Details released in officer-involved shooting


OROVILLE, Calif. - Butte County investigators said the man who was killed in an officer involved shooting Monday was 53-year-old Victor Coleman of Bakersfield. The Butte County District Attorney's Office said he was in the Oroville area working construction.

They also said Coleman was intent on committing suicide with a knife inside Room 115 of the Sunset Inn on Feather River Boulevard. "The man had made a decision according to the lieutenant to kill himself," said Butte County District Attorney, Mike Ramsey. Ramsey said Coleman was on methamphetamines and he told officers he was hallucinating. Negotiators were staged outside of Coleman's room and tried to convince him not to harm himself. "There was some discussion about suicide by cop," said Ramsey. "They were saying just calm down." Police said they weren't able to calm Coleman down. Five officers bashed down the door and three officers went in. That's when they say Coleman attacked them with a knife and a broken bottle. All three officers fired multiple shots and killed Coleman.

"We entered a situation that we didn't know what weapons the individual would have or the intent was," said Oroville Police Chief Bill LaGrone. "We knew what he said but we didn't know what he was going to do once we entered the room." The three officers have been placed on administrative leave. They're identified as Marcus Tennigkeit, John Nickelson and Jared Cooley. Tennigkeit has been with Oroville police since December, Nickelson has been with the department for two years, and Cooley has been with the department over 5 years. "At this point, it appears the officers did their duty of going in to try to save a man from himself but unfortunately he then attacked the officers," Ramsey said.

Chief LaGrone said the department should be fine on staffing during the investigation despite budget cuts. Ramsey said he hopes to have more information on the case next week.