Dish negotiations FAQs


Why is Bonten Media asking for more money?

Dish already charges its customers for our product, and we are asking for fair reimbursement from them. The amount we are asking for amounts to three cents a day. Dish is already charging you 20 cents a day for your local stations. Local stations must pay a network fee for each Dish subscriber and Dish needs to compensate us fairly for our product.

Why is Dish saying you want to raise my rates?

KRCR doesn't want to raise your rates. You are already paying Dish for our programming; we believe that Dish should reimburse us at the same rate as other cable and satellite providers compensate us for our programming.

Why is Dish saying Bonten Media is being unreasonable?

Dish is a multibillion dollar corporation with a tremendous amount of resources available to them and they have used these resources to launch a misleading advertising campaign. The campaign's objective is to bully us into accepting an offer that is unfair. Bonten Media reached out to Dish over two months ago to begin negotiations, but they ignored our requests. Bonten Media even extended the current contract's expiration date to give them time to make a decision. Dish has used this tactic and this same media campaign to negotiate in markets all over the country, making them the service provider with the most programming blackouts in the nation.

Why are you asking me to switch my provider?

Other cable and satellite providers in our area understand the value of local stations, and they have already signed agreements that are fair. Your local stations depend on fair reimbursement from these providers to pay network subscriber fees and the millions of dollars it takes to produce local programming. Making a stand against a multibillion dollar corporation such as Dish lets them know that small communities will rally behind their local stations. Local stations, such as KRCR, provide important news coverage (that keeps the community informed), advertising resources that help small businesses compete against big box stores and community support for local non-profits.

What if I can't afford to switch my satellite provider?

DirecTV, Charter, Comcast and local satellite installers are offering great discounts right now to help make the switch easier. Bonten Media has great relationships with these providers, and they understand the importance of supporting our local stations. If you contact these providers and let them know why you are making the switch, they will offer you incentives to help offset the costs.

What other options do I have? is always free to the public, with updated local news and weather information 7 days a week. You can also visit abc.go and watch all of ABC's prime time programming online. You can also invest in a digital antenna that will allow you to get our over-the-air signal in high quality HD.