Dunsmuir special council meeting turns hostile


DUNSMUIR, Calif. - A special city council meeting in Dunsmuir turns into a verbal battle.

It was full of conflict at the outdoor meeting in the Dunsmuir City Ball Park Friday afternoon. The agenda included items discussing the conduct of the city's mayor and possible disciplinary action for councilmembers.

Dunsmuir residents said the special meeting was moved to the baseball field to accommodate the crowd. The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday. Too many people showed up at the chambers – above the capacity. Residents were asked to leave. The mayor then cancelled the meeting.

Further rescheduling led them to Friday's situation.

"It's gotten to the point of epic proportions. If this were a reality TV show it would probably get rejected because it's too outrageous," said 37-year Dunsmuir resident Adam Heilman.

He said this is another instance of disregard for the town's people.

"We've got three councilmembers that simply ignore the will of the people," Heilman said.

A handful of Siskiyou County Sheriff's Deputies were in attendance to keep the peace. Two city councilmembers, including the mayor, were not present.

"There's some emotional issues that were on the agenda and some people are very concerned about some things going on in Dunsmuir. So there's a little bit of behavior during the meeting that we just asked people to be courteous," said Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey.

According to the Redding Record Searchlight some councilmembers believe Wednesday's meeting cancellation was not just about safety, but an effort to block a group of city residents from being at any more meetings with Councilwoman Leslie Wilde. The newspaper cited those people hope she will be ousted in her June recall election.