Earthquake tips from the American Red Cross


REDDING, Calif. - Earthquakes may not happen very often in the Northstate but that does not mean that you shouldn't be ready.

According to the American Red Cross the majority of people aren't prepared when it comes to earthquakes.

So here are some DO'S and DON'TS:

Do not stand underneath a door frame. The American Red Cross said the best way to protect yourself is to get on the ground under a sturdy table and cover your head.

If you are inside a building do be aware of sprinklers because they can go off during an earthquake .

Stay away from windows to avoid getting hit by shattering glass.

If you are outside find a clear spot on the ground and stay away from power lines, trees and buildings.

The American Red Cross said its crucial to have some emergency kits on hand that include essentials like water, food, medicine. Also remember to include a can opener, so you can get those canned goods open.

"Because if you have a kit at your home but a disaster happens while you're at work your not around your kit," said Eric Kiltz, American Red Cross emergency services coordinator. "So what I do is, I keep a kit in a big rubber container back in my car because my car is usually with me, however I do keep some basic supplies in my house in a backpack that I can grab if I have to run."

It's important to make sure that the emergency kits have enough essentials to last up to 72 hours for every person in your family.

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