Election Fact Check: Dahle Ad Attacks Bosetti


A new campaign commercial accuses Assembly Candidate Rick Bosetti of raising taxes and cutting police funding.

The ad was paid for by the Brian Dahle for Assembly Campaign.

Last week we checked the facts on a campaign flyer against Dahle that was paid for by the Northstate Farm and Business Pac, which supports Bosetti.

They accused Dahle of taking lavish convention trips on the taxpayers' dime.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bosetti said, "If there's ever been a vote for taxes or to raise taxes to allow the people to vote for taxes in Redding, I voted against it, and it's never happened."

Brian Dahle's latest ad accuses Rick Bosetti of supporting a $30 million a year tax increase.

Bosetti, however, said that his ad cannot be true, simply because the city council has no control over raising taxes.

"Where are the minutes of the meeting where I raise $30 million or where I voted to raise $30 million?" Bosetti said.

The commercial also uses a picture of Redding doctor, Russ Holpuch while saying Bosetti was pressured by special interests to raise taxes.

Bosetti said that it is not okay to drag innocent people into campaigns.

"He's my buddy," Bosetti said of Holpuch, "We raised our four kids together. We've worked on fundraisers together. We've done everything, you know. We've hunted and fished. He's not a special interest."

Dr. Holpuch asked Dahle's camp to remove his picture from the commercial.

It has since been re-edited.

Another claim made in the advertisement -- is that Bosetti voted to cut police funding, rather than lowering his own city council pension.

"The chief of police at the time brought us a budget and said, 'This is what we have to do to make the budget balance.' We accepted the chief's budget."

The Brian Dahle campaign was contacted for their side of story.

Dahle's campaign said their claim was based on a newspaper article from last month that covered a District 1 debate.

The article quoted Bosetti as saying he would have supported a lumber tax bill that Dahle would have opposed.

As for the pension issue, Dahle's camp calls Bosetti 'hypocritical' for not cutting his own.

According to Bosetti, his pension amounts to $40 a month.