Family dedicates time to bell ring daily for Salvation Army


REDDING, Calif. - The Cretcher family from Redding has decided to donate their time this holiday season to the Salvation Army, an organization that helped them get off the streets when they were facing a challenging time last year.

The entire family has been ringing the bell for the organization since last week. Five-year-old Travis Wilkinson had his first turn last Friday at the Raley's on Lake Boulevard.

"It's a great charity to help out. They help local families with food on their tables, presents under the tree. They helped me when I was struggling so this is my way of paying it back," said Jessica Cretcher with a bell in her hand.

She said the Salvation Army was their saving grace. She was homeless off and on for about two years before she reached out to the Salvation Army for help.

"They helped me with pots and pans, they helped me get a couch, they helped me find a dining table, they helped me get all the necessities I need for my apartment to live, as well as fill my cabinets with food," Cretcher shared.

Since finances were tight, Jessica also signed up for the Angel Tree through the organization which benefits from KRCR News Channel 7's Stuff the Bus event.

"They blessed my son with more presents than I can imagine and it was the best Christmas," Cretcher said.

She said it's great to see her son and stepdaughter volunteer their time too because they understand the purpose.

"It's cool to see our children understand the concept of what these people are donating for instead of just thinking they're just giving money. They know the concept of this is for families who can't afford Christmas or can't afford bread and butter," Cretcher said.

When you are running to the grocery store for those last minute items and you hear the bell, just think about the help you could be giving to a family in need this holiday season.

"Just that one toy can make a whole families Christmas twice as better is what it is," Cretcher shared.

For more information on our Stuff the Bus event, click here.

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