Fifth grader raising money to send students to camp


REDDING, Calif. - A fifth grader at Rother Elementary in Redding is working to raise money to send his classmates to WES camp.

WES Camp, also known as the Whiskeytown Enviornmental School, is basically a right of passage for fifth graders in the Northstate.

Part of being a fifth grader is taking a trip to WES Camp, sleeping away from home for five days and adventuring outdoors.

But budget cuts are making it more tough to go.

"Last year there were three kids that didn't get to go because their parents said they didn't have the money," fifth grader Blake Bennett explained.

A trip to WES camp runs about $240 a student, a steep price tag for many families.

So Bennett is doing something about it.

"I want all my friends to go because I don't want people to miss out."

A few months ago he took action.

"We should do a raffle to help our class go to WES camp."

He grandmother, Rhonda Ramsey, sells Origami Owl jewelry.

Together the two teamed up to create a special locket with charms representing WES camp.

"I thought yeah that's a great idea, we can do that," said Ramsey.

Kids in the class sell raffle tickets for the chance to win the necklace, the money going toward visiting camp.

"It's just been really infectious everyone has pitched in and encouraged him," Ramsey exclaimed.

So far the class has raised about $7,000.

They need about $7,000 more for the entire fifth grade class to make the trip.

The raffle for the locket is April 26.

The school needs all the money by May 2 to go to WES Camp.

For more information you can visit Blake's website

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