Fired deputy DA beats former boss for county seat


WILLOWS, Calif. - A heated campaign between the Glenn County District Attorney and his assistant he fired twice, ended with a clear winner.

Fired deputy DA Dwayne Stewart beat his former boss Robert Maloney by an almost two to one margin Tuesday night.

Stewart and Maloney have been going head to head since Maloney fired Stewart two years ago. He was fired from the DA's office in April for the second time. "It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders," said Stewart. Stewart beat Maloney by a landslide claiming over 68 percent of the vote despite claims from Maloney that he impersonated a peace officer and lacked trustworthiness and honesty. Stewart said it was a political move on Maloney's part once he found out he was running for his seat. "This wasn't the first time that I've beaten him," said Stewart Stewart was also fired two years ago but that was overturned. "I don't know how many times you can beat somebody before they realize their position is incorrect," Stewart said.

A receptionist at the District Attorney's Office said Maloney wasn't available to comment about Tuesday's results. Stewart spent most of Wednesday cleaning up his campaign signs around the county, but is also fighting Maloney to get his old job back before he eventually takes his new job. "For six months I have no job, and I have to figure what's going on with that," said Stewart.

Stewart will take office on January 3. He said one of his first actions will be to catch up on all of the delayed cases. Stewart claims Maloney is sitting on nearing 2,000 cases that haven't been touched.