Friday, May 19th Forecast: Warming trend continues into the weekend and early next week


The warming trend we have been talking about is still right on track to bring us our first 100 degree temperatures this year by early next week.

We will finally crack the 90's today in the valley while the coast will hover right around 60 degrees under mostly sunny skies.

The valley will most likely stay below 100 degree over the weekend but it may be close on Sunday with highs in the upper 90's. The coast will climb to the upper 60's by the end of the weekend under sunny skies.

Monday and Tuesday will be the peak of the warming trend with the valley reaching 100 to 103 degree on both day and the coast will climb to the upper 60's and low 70's. We will also most likely tie or break some record highs for both the valley and coast.

The ridge of high pressure responsible for this heat wave will start to break down Tuesday into Wednesday allowing our temperatures to drop through the rest of next week. We may also introduce a chance for mountain thunderstorms at that time as well.