Grocery Outlet helping with Stuff the Bus food drive


CHICO, Calif. - Stuff the Bus is a collaboration between KRCR News Channel 7, the Salvation Army, and many other local businesses and schools to help bring in food donations to those in need.

Grocery Outlet on Pillsbury Road in Chico has jumped on board with a drop-off bin just inside their front doors. They are accepting any non-perishable items such as canned foods, crackers, cereal and other dry goods.

The Salvation Army said that during the summer, families need more food because kids aren't in school where they can get breakfast and lunch. And this time of year, donations tend to be down.

Grocery Outlet said they hope everyone can donate at least one thing.

"We need to get everything in our community to help our community out, because we're hitting hard times and I see that at Grocery Outlet really bad," said Faye Smith, a front-end grocery clerk at Grocery Outlet.

Faye added Grocery Outlet shoppers have been really supportive of the cause, but of course, more is always needed.

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