Hazardous soil, debris removed from previously incinerated home


WEST OF REDDING, Calif. - A toxic clean-up was held Wednesday for the volatile Shasta County home that was burned to the ground. The homeowner essentially blew his hand off in an explosion February 6.

The hazardous conditions continued Wednesday, even though the scheduled incineration happened months ago. While it was safe to be nearby, the crew members touching the hazardous waste were suited up in protective gear.

Officials with the Shasta County Environmental Health Department said Wednesday's work involved moving the waste and scraping the soil where the mobile home was located.

Crews incinerated the home west of Redding at 9021 Chaparral Drive February 16 after explosive materials were found there.

The homeowner D. Ray East, 64, blew most of his hand off in an explosion. The Shasta County Sheriff's Office responded and determined the materials on the property were too volatile to move. Sheriff Tom Bosenko said East admitted to having about 110-pounds of explosive materials on the property.

Environmental Health Department officials said there were high levels of toxicity found in the dirt, compared to a typical home. But they said local sites do not have the ability to dispose of the waste so it is being taken out of the area to a waste site in Beatty, Nevada.

The California Department of Toxic Substance Control headed up Wednesday's clean-up, along with NRC Environmental Services out of Chico.

East pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge in a Shasta County courtroom March 7.

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