Home invasion suspect caught after avoiding SWAT team


REDDING, Calif. - A Redding neighborhood was shutdown on Tuesday while authorities searched for a suspect connected to an armed robbery.

The SWAT team responded to a South Redding home Tuesday morning, trying to find the fourth of three robbery suspects. They blocked off the area around a home on Topaz Court, off Grandview Avenue and Summit Drive.

It started with a home invasion robbery on Hill Street off Highway 273 in Anderson just before 4 a.m. Tuesday.

The victims told the deputies that three suspects; two black males and a white male had entered their home and stole a television, a set of speakers, a set of house keys, and a purse.

One of the male suspects was armed with a pistol.

According to investigators, one of the victims, Kyle Kandybe tried to intervene and was beaten with the pistol. During the altercation a shot was fired not hitting anyone.

Deputies said all three suspects then fled in a vehicle driven by a black female.

Shortly after a Redding police officer spotted the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop on it.

The vehicle yielded in front of a home on Topaz Court.

According to police a white male suspect, later identified as Matthew Bruce, ran from the vehicle into the home. Deputies said the other suspects, Marcus Smith, Scott Mikell and Shelly Harris were taken into custody without incident.

In the home Bruce ran into Marcus Smith's mother, Debra Smith.

She described the moments officers surrounded her home.

"I was freaking out, you know? They were just telling my son to come out with his hands up, had him on his knees, had him in handcuffs, I mean he's 26 but he's still my son," said a tearful Smith.

On Tuesday afternoon she said she spoke to her son on the phone in jail.

"It's scary and you know I'm afraid for him because I don't know what's going to happen."

Earlier that morning a perimeter was placed around the home.

As armored vehicles and officers entered the area people in the neighborhood watched.

Lt. Jeff Wallace with the Redding Police Department said law enforcement was not taking any risks.

"We don't know what lengths they will go to to get away so we go all out to make sure our officers as well as the people in the neighborhood are safe," he explained.

People in the neighborhood watched the situation unfold.

Joe Broadway's daughter lives in the neighborhood.

He said she called him when she heard a helicopter circling the neighborhood.

Broadaway said there's been problems in the area before but not like this.

"Not this bad. No. But we've heard gunshots around here before."

In the early afternoon the search for Bruce was called off as investigators did not find him inside the house.

Bruce was later arrested around 2:00 p.m. on Fig and Placer Streets in Redding.

Investigators said Marcus Smith, Matthew Bruce, Scott Mikell were the ones who committed the home invasion robbery.

Shelly Harris acted as a lookout and getaway driver.

Detectives also said the victims, Kyle and Shawnae Kandybe were recently subjects in an illegal drug sales investigation lead by agents with Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force.

On Jan. 3 a search warrant was served at the Hill Street home where processed marijuana, 95 growing plants, two illegal shotguns, a handgun, and evidence of drug sales were seized.

Detectives believe the home invasion robbery Tuesday morning is linked to the illegal drug sales stemming from the home.