Humboldt County communities rush supplies to aid fire victims


EUREKA, Calif. - The massive wildfires burning throughout Northern California are prompting communities all over Humboldt County to come together to help the people affected.

The Future Farmers of America (FFA), Ferndale Chapter, are collecting feed and supplies for people and their livestock.

Theresa Noga is the agriculture teacher at Ferndale High School. She said, "We really just want to come together as agriculture teachers. "We are just very connected and we're very close friends, so it just hurts our hearts to know that our friends are suffering all over the state."

Noga said she will make the drive to the affected areas on Sunday alongside other local agriculture teachers. She said she plans to stop at the Ukiah Fairgrounds first, then continue on to Sonoma and Napa Counties.

Brianna Brazil is one of her students. She said she's met many of the affected communities through FFA.

"We have so many ties to other communities in California, and they know of us through FFA, so just knowing that we know them and they know us, so if something were to happen they would help us, too," Brazil said.

And Brazil's classmate, Halee Nickols, said they are not the only class gathering supplies.

"The agricultural departments in Fortuna, Eureka, Arcata and McKinleyville are also collecting," Nickols said. "And if there are people that are requesting that we pick-up feed, or large amounts of stuff, then we will do that also."

Another FFA member, Dominic Regli, said he felt an obligation to help.

"We feel as if we are one big family," Regli said, "And whenever they are in need of something, we're able to help them."

But the FFA isn't the only organization driving supplies to the affected areas. The Eureka Police Department (EPD) is also sending a truckload.

Brittany Powell, the public information officer for EPD said officers will also help with public safety.

"I believe there are captains, sergeants, detectives and patrol officers all heading out in groups of two tomorrow to assist in any way they can," Powell told North Coast News.

She said officers will head to Mendocino County by Thursday afternoon, and they will be accepting donations until then.

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