Humboldt County nursing homes could face closures


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. - Rockport Management is currently working on a plan that would close three of its five skilled nursing facilities, which are the only nursing homes in Humboldt County. Senator Mike McGuire is urging the Department of Health Services to reject their plan.

According to state officials, Rockport Management facilities currently house 449 people. If three facilities were to close, only 191 people would be housed.

The only other option for people in Humboldt County would be assisted living facilities, which not everyone can afford. This is because seniors can currently get financial help from the government for nursing homes, this assistance does not apply to assisted living facilities, according to Jeffory Throgmorton, the owner of Especially You, an assisted living facility in Eureka.

He also said that they do not have near enough beds, which means people would have to move out of the area for assistance.

"There's just not enough available places for people to go," Throgmorton, said.

"It's not good for the community overall. It's not good for seniors to not be able to recuperate in the town that your family is staying in, to have to be sent out of the area and not have family visit," said Larona Farum, the owner of Timber Ridge.

Rockport Management's closure plan is only a proposal at this time. It will then go before the Department of Health Services.

Rockport Management has not responded to any calls at this time.

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