Hundreds of housing units coming to Arcata


ARCATA, Calif. - Multiple housing development projects are in the works for the City of Arcata, which would bring around 470 housing units. The housing will vary from student, residential and assisted living, according to staff with the City of Arcata.

The city is currently in the planning phase of three different projects.

The first is developing a property called The Village, which will be used solely to house students from Humboldt State University. It will include 240 units, with a total of 800 beds.

The second property is Creekside Homes. This will include 25 cottages, as well as a 32 lot subdivision. The project will also include a 100 bed assisted living facility.

The third property being developed is the Canyon Creek Apartments. This is a family oriented property, which will include 78 units.

Alyson Hunter, with the City of Arcata said that the project will benefit the city by bringing more housing to the area. "It should be generally affordable to students and other people looking for multi-family housing."

The city is working on getting the plans approved. They will then go into the permitting phase. They are not sure when the construction will begin, or when the projects should be completed, according to city staff.

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