Knapek's Auto Electric reopens in new location after devastating fire


EUREKA, Calif. - Just over three months after a fire destroyed Knapek's Auto Electric, the owners have settled into a new location.

Dennis Knapek was able to find a silver lining after the devastating fire burned his business to the ground in June.

"I can't convey to you how well this community has come to my aid," Knapek said. "I'm probably better off than I was."

On June 20, a fire burned several businesses on Fourth and E Streets in Eureka. According to Humboldt Bay Fire, six businesses were damaged by the flames. Dennis Knapek, the owner of the auto shop, said he lost everything except a few tools.

But Knapek is pleased with the new space.

"It's a little better location," he said. "I'm on Broadway so I get north and south traffic and I'm just happy."

The new store, located just south of Pierson's on Broadway Street, opened Monday, Oct. 2.

Knapek's wife, Kathy Knapek, said loyal customers were outside eagerly waiting to shop at the store on opening day.