LaMalfa& Reed Square Off, LaMalfa Makes Controversial Abortion Comments


Candidates vying for California's first congressional district seat squared off for debate Monday night at Destiny Fellowship Church.

Doug Lamalfa and Jim Reed sparred for about an hour in the Tea Party hosted event. They touched on a long list of topics which included the national budget deficit, creating jobs, government regulations, ObamaCare, and abortion.

LaMalfa, a republican, is a rice farmer who recently resigned from his post as state senator. He's Wally Herger's pick to replace him in the House of Representatives.

Jim Reed, a democrat, is a tax lawyer.

There was a bit of controversy when LaMalfa answered a question on abortion. He told the audience that women who have abortions are more likely to get cancer.

LaMalfa said, "Research has shown there that there's higher level of incidence at risk so I would want women to be fully informed of all the aspects before making a decision like that ... I think that shows more care for women then by simply shuffling them off to an abortion mill and so that's a very important distinction that needs to be made."

We gathered the facts on abortion and a possible link to breast cancer. The World Health Organization, The US National Cancer Institute, The American Cancer Society, and both the American and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say abortions do not lead to breast cancer.