LaMalfa Retracts Abortion Comments


Republican Congressional Candidate Doug LaMalfa has retracted a statement he made about abortion during a debate Monday Night.

LaMalfa was debating Democrat, Jim Reed when he said women who have abortions are more likely to get cancer.

We asked LaMalfa if he stood by his statement. He said, "Research has shown there is a higher level of incidence at risk so I would want women to be fully informed of all the aspects before making a decision like that. I think that shows more care for women then by simply shuffling them off to an abortion mill and so that's a very important distinction that needs to be made."

Our report aired late Monday night, and on Tuesday morning LaMalfa's campaign manager said the candidate checked his facts and reversed his position.

They released the following statement: "After last night's debateIchecked the most recent research on the question of a link between abortion and cancer and found that current research does not support the conclusion that abortion causes cancer.Ihope that any woman considering this procedure discusses all the health consequences with her doctor and makes a fully informed decision."