Man describes terror of home invasion robbery


CHICO, Calif. - A Chico State student is shaken after three men rushed into his South Campus area home, and then beat and robbed him early Tuesday morning.

The incident happened on the 700 block of West 5th Street around 12:45 a.m.

20-year-old Michael Belcher says he was attacked while his roommate remained locked in a bedroom.

"It's something that I've never seen before in my life," Belcher says. "This is like, I don't know, something a college student should never seen."

Belcher lives in an apartment between Joe's Bar and a fraternity house.

He says he was sick with strep throat all day Monday and getting ready for bed when the home invasion happened.

"Next thing you know, I hear a knock and it was just kind of a friendly knock," he said. "I look through the peephole and the person wasn't making an attempt to disguise their face. And I just unlock it. And as I'm creeping open to see who it is I get punched back."

Three masked men burst inside, punching Belcher several times, one of the suspects subduing him.

Within in moments two of the men searched the home for valuables, grabbing his brand new Xbox One and his fixed gear bike. He says they also searched his bedroom before taking off.

Belcher says he has no idea why he was targeted and the attack came as a complete shock.

"This was just like a random Monday night. Like a random studying night for me," he said.

Pondering why he may have been targeted, Belcher said he and his roommate have thrown parties before and maybe one of the suspects attended, therefore gaining knowledge that some of his belongings are valuable.

And with that in mind, he has a warning for other students, or anyone for that matter, who may throw parties with random guests.

"You accept them as friends and I guess you build that trust and you expect them to have the same trust," he said. "You know, you just need to be more careful who you let into your place."

The only description of the suspects is three black males wearing masks.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Chico Police Department.