Man was bound, gagged, held at gunpoint during robbery


WILLOWS, Calif. - An 84-year-old Willows man was bound and gagged by three men who broke into his home while he was still asleep.

Albert Frank said the thieves put a pistol inside of his mouth when they broke in Monday morning at his home on the 2000 block of Road KK.

"I started cussing the guy out to tell him to get the hell out of here," Frank said. "He then shoved a pistol in my throat, and I thought that would be a good time to shut up." It was 3:30 in the morning, when Frank said he saw a big white light shining in his eyes coming from a flashlight held by the suspects. Frank said he couldn't see a thing and tried to get up out of bed; however, the crooks pushed him down and started tying his hands with automotive wiring and used his belt to tie up his feet. According to the Glenn County Sheriff's Office, the suspects used packaging tape to try and cover Frank's mouth. Two of them searched through Frank's house while the other one kept shining the light in his eye and pointing a gun at him. Frank said the three men stole his 12 gauge shotgun and a .22 rifle. They also took the $30 Frank had in his pocket and the money clip that was holding it. "It has two little emeralds and a tiny diamond on it. That was my retirement gift," Frank said. Frank said he was able to free himself once the suspects left his home. "It took me about 10 minutes to get free," explained Frank. "When you have somebody that is entering homes early in the morning and shoving guns into people's faces it's very concerning for me as the county sheriff," said Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones.

The Glenn County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with additional information about this case you're asked to call them at (530) 934-6441