Marijuana robbery turned murder, suspects standing trial


REDDING, Calif. - Three men accused of killing a man in a marijuana robbery turned murder will stand trial.

Their preliminary hearing was held Wednesday in Tehama County, where testimony was heard from several deputies.

Investigators said two brothers, Alan Doulphus Jr. and Chase Doulphus, teamed up with Roger Bounnhaseng in October 2013 to rob a marijuana grow on Highway 36, west of Red Bluff.

All three men are from the Fresno area.

37-year-old Keo Vannarath was shot and killed during the robbery, sending the three men running.

A high-speed chase less than two hours later and had Highway Patrol tailing them into Shasta County, where they caught the brothers who crashed on Clear Creek Road.

Bounnhaseng got away but was later arrested.

The three men will be back in court on June 16 to be re-arraigned on the information presented.