McKinleyville High sends parents message on possible racial slurs at school

Source: McKinleyville High School

MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. - Numerous parents of students who attend McKinleyville High School have come forward to inform North Coast News that they received notification from the school's principal that the varsity football team will not be participating in Homecoming on Friday, Oct. 6.

The decision is reportedly coming from the school's principal, Nic Collart. Parents said they received a recorded message from Collart that said in part:

"To all of our McKinleyville High School parents and McKinleyville community,

As McKinleyville High School heads into our homecoming week, I continue to be thankful to be part of our community and part of our MHS family.

Earlier this week some members of our varsity football team made a poor decision, which in effect was damaging to students, staff and our community. It negatively impacted the perception of McKinleyville High School.

As a result, our varsity football team will not take the field next Friday for Homecoming nor participate in our parade. Mack High will never condone nor allow statements or actions that alienate or harm any group or sub group of our diverse community."

The principal goes on to thank the students who came forward to address the problem. He also encourages the public to support the students by going to the JV football game on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

A parent of a McKinleyville High student said her daughter reported that the principal, "walked around school to make sure everyone was ok, and if they needed to talk, he would listen."

The principal's voice recording was given to North Coast News by a parent who wishes to remain anonymous. You can listen to the full-length recording in the link above.

North Coast News reached out to the principal, who said he is working on a statement that will be released later on Sunday.