Men appear to be golfing off graves in Eureka, cemetery responds

EUREKA, Calif. - Kate Newton was at the Ocean View Cemetery in Eureka, when she said she saw something disturbing. She took out her phone and filmed what appeared to be men golfing on the grave sites.

Two voices can be heard in the video as a car drives through the cemetery. One woman said, "They're playing golf here!" And the other, "They sure the f*** are! What the hell?!"

Newton said they saw the men golfing specifically on Veteran grave sites. Karen Matlock was with Newton when they say they noticed the men with what looked like golf clubs.

"As soon as they saw the camera," Matlock said. "They started to scatter and they put their golf clubs in their truck, which we realized, oh they're maintenance. They're employees of the cemetery."

Newton said they both felt it was extremely disrespectful to the Veterans and their families.

"Especially it's so close to Memorial Day," Newton said. "There's going to be more people up there visiting their loved ones and for someone to see that would just be devastating."

When North Coast News reached out to the Ocean View Cemetery about what happened they responded, "We are appalled and are looking into it and will take appropriate action up to and including terminating any employee involved at any time."