Missing soldier returns home with help from Redding church


REDDING, Calif. - A soldier from joint base Lewis-Mchord, who was missing since May 21, showed up to the Salvation Army in Redding asking for help.

"I just want him to come back, OK. That's all I want," said Brandi Warner, Josh's wife.

Josh Warner, went missing from Spanaway, Washington after posting a disturbing message on his facebook page. The message read, "Trust me I'm doing everyone that knows me a favor. Good bye world." His family and friends searched for him but he was nowhere to be found. One week later he showed up at the Salvation Army asking for help to return home after he had an epiphany.

"He was dirty, hadn't showered and he was in a place where he was in complete need. It was a visible need you could tell," said Salvation Army's Lieutenant Dan Whipple. "He saw a swimming pool just prior, a few weeks prior he had bought for his two small children and when he saw that pool he said right in the middle of the store he fell to the ground and he broke down."

And after a warm meal and a prayer the Salvation Army sent josh on his way to his family who longed for him to return home.

"He came in our office not knowing what direction he was going but knowing he wanted to go home," Lt. Whipple said. "And by the time he left he was a on a mission. He was a soldier and his mission was to get back home and report back to his unit."

The Salvation Army confirmed with Josh's wife that he made it home safe. Warner could still face charges under the uniform code of military justice for leaving his unit.